Shana Global Services

Shana Global Services is one of the best players in import and export services in the world. We connect the suppliers and buyers of the world and provide them a suitable platform to buy and sell the products.

We are the well-known importer as well as exporter of the finest quality of the products across the world. The products we export - Cedarwood oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Spices, Deodar Timber Logs, Rice, Wheat, Dry Fruits like almonds, walnut etc. The various products we Import- Garments, Reconditioned I-phone, Coal, Kapur timber, Red Meranti timber, Palm oil, Paper, Rubber etc.

All these products are sourced from reliable vendors from different markets of the world and the advanced technology is used for importing and exporting these products sourced from industry experts. The various products we use to import and export are being used extensively by various industries. Shana Global Services having a piece of vast knowledge in this field of export and import with the help of a well-educated team of experts.

With the help of its responsive team and usage of advanced technology Shana Global services always deliver well-finished products to its customers. We focus on customer-centric approach; we try to deliver the best services to our clients and satisfy them.

We are the company in the import-export field who meet all the standards of the market. We deliver the best customer value. The products we supply to our customers are the finest product from different sources; we try to deliver the original quality or the pure quality of the product to the users with the help of our advanced technology and team of experts.

With its team of experts and the advanced technology Shana Global services being able to deliver the best services to its customers and earned the trust of the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best services to our customers by importing as well as exporting the finest quality of the products with the help of our expert team and by meeting all the market standards. We try to deliver customer-centric products that are as per customer requirement and expectations. Our focus is to provide the best value to our customers by meeting all their expectations. Customer satisfaction is our main motto.

Our Vision

With the help of our system and methods, we are able to achieve name and trust of our customers across the world. With our trusted services and work in the coming decade or years, we will be offering services all over the world and make various customers from different part of the world use our best services.